Ismaila A sabo Hadejia

Ismaila A sabo Hadejia
(1)Wannan dai shine Hotona, wadda Idonku yake kallona. (2) Bayan na tafi gun Sarkina, zaku tuna ni watan wata rana. (3) In wani yayi kiran sunana, sai ku cane Allah yaji kaina. (4) Koda zakuyi jimamina, sai ku yimin addu'ah bayana. Marigayi Aliyu Akilu.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


In 1979, Bamanga Tukur was the Governor of
the defunct Gongola State (now Adamawa &
Taraba) and 33 years after he is today the
Chairman of the ruling Party, The PDP; Dr. Bello
Halliru was commissioner in the Old Sokoto
State (now Sokoto, Kebbi & Zamfara) and 33
years after he is today Minister of Defence;
Major General David Mark (rtd) was the
military governor of Niger State in 1984 and
28 years after he is today the Senate
President; Gov. Murtala Nyako was the
governor of Niger State in 1976 and 36 years
after he is today the Governor of Adamawa
State; Ogbonnaya Onu was governor of Abia
State in 1992 and 20 years after he is today
the National Chairman of ANPP; Gov. David
Jonah Jang was the governor of Benue State
in 1985 and 27 years after he is today the
governor of plateau state; and Martins Elechi
the Ebonyi State Governor is over 80 years
old! Only in Nigeria is this possible, where the
youth of today have no hope into the future!


1) HIS EARLY CHILDHOOD : Late Sheikh Ja’afar
Mahmud Adam was born on February 12,
1960 in the ancient city of Daura in present
day Katsina State. He started learning his
Qur’anic education from Malam Haruna, the
husband of his elder sister. From there he
was taken to Fagge town in Kano in 1978,
where he began the memorization of the Holy
Qur’an under the guidance of Malam
His thirst for knowledge took him further to
an Arabic Institution which was under the
Egyptian Cultural Centre, situated at Bello
Dandago Road, Kano in 1981. He was, within
the same period, attending an Adult
Education School, situated at Shahuci. He
usually attended the Arabic Institution at
noon and the Adult Education School in the
In 1984, he was admitted into the
Government Teachers’ College, Gwale, Kano.
He graduated in 1988 and in 1989, he
secured admission into the prestigious
Islamic University in Madinah, Saudi Arabia,
where he studied for three years and
graduated in 1993. Some of the famous
scholars that taught Sheikh Ja’afar include
Sheikh Abdul Rafi’i, Dr. Mahmud Abdul Haliq
and Dr. Khald As-Sabat.
When he returned from Saudi Arabia, he got
admitted in the Bayero University, Kano. He
however could not finish the programme due
to some reasons. But nevertheless, he had his
second degree from the International
University of Africa in Sudan.
Teaching and Da'awah Activities
Upon his return from Madinah, Sheikh Ja’afar
set up the Usman Bin Affan Centre which
became autonomous in 1995. There, Shaikh
Ja'afar taught various subjects like Tafsirul
Qur’an (Qur’anic commentary) every Friday
between Maghrib and Isha prayers, Nahwu
on Saturdays between 8:00am and 9:30am,
Sirah on Sundays at the famous Almuntada
Mosque in Dorayi where he also leads Jumuah
prayers, and Tafsir at the Beirut Mosque, and
various other subjects at various schools and
institutions across the country.
He also conducted Tafsir annually in
Maiduguri during Ramadhan. He was also the
head of the Usman Bin Affan Islamic Trust. At
various times, he represented Nigeria
internationally in Qur’anic recitation
competitions where he emerged victorious
and did the nation proud. He is a member of
the "Ulama Consultative Forum" in Zamfara
and Bauchi states. He also presented various
Islamic programmes on radio and television
stations like Radio Kaduna, Bauchi Radio
Corporation, CTV Kano, DITV Kaduna, NTA
Borno, OITV Damaturu, and NTA Yola, among
Friday, 13th April 2007, at around 5:30am,
Shaikh Ja'afar fell to the bullets of suspected
hired assassins while leading the Subhi
prayer at the Dorayi Juma’at Mosque. The
assassins, numbering about five, shot Shaikh
Ja'afar at close range tearing his chest and
abdomen, as reported in the media. Soon
after the incident he was immediately rushed
to the Malam Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital
(AKTH) where he died before he could receive
medical attention.
It was also reported that the gunmen had
earlier stopped at his former mosque at
Gadon Kaya before they finally caught up with
him at the Dorayi mosque where he was
Shaikh Ja'afar died at 45 and was survived by
three wives and five children. Truly, the
Ummah has lost a gem but the worst losers
are his killers. We pray to Allah (SWT) in His
Infinite Mercy to forgive Shaikh's sins, accepts
all his good deeds and grant him jannatul
firdaus, ameen.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


The Only GIFT Nigerian Adults Can Give
Nigerian Children For The May 27th Children's
Day Celebration Is
"Assurance Of A Better Country Starting
As We Were Given Back Then By Our Fathers
That Made Us Who We Are At A Point
Before We Allowed Greed To Overtake Our
Sense Of Responsibility.
Imagine If Our Fathers Were Like Us,
What Would Have Become Of Us Today?
No More Promises Of A Better Tomorrow.
No More!!!
Future Leaders.
May Your Time To Lead This Country
Never Be A Waste Like Your Parents Are Doing
God Bless U All And Make U Bring Back The Old
Glory Of Nigeria,
Which Your Fathers Have Frittered Away Like
The Prodigal Son
For An Empty Plate Of Porridge.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Ranar jumaa itace mafi alherin dukkan wata
rana da rana ta fito a cikinta. cikinta Allah ya
halicci Adam, cikinta ne qiyama zata tsayu,
kuma ita ranar idi ice ga musulmai.Don haka
nema aka sharanta wasu abubuwa acikinta,
daga ciki akwai: hudubar jumaa, wanka,
fesa tirare, fita cikinta da mafi kyawun kaya
da yanayi me kyau, yin kabarbari lokacin fita
sallar, kusantar liman, da kuma tara tunani
gaba daya domin sauraren wa'azi da
ambato (wato huduba).

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Discourse 344. Buhari vs.
PDP: The Dog and the
Baboon Parable
Discourse 344
By Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde
Buhari vs. PDP: The Dog and Baboon
2015 Parable
A fight between the dog and the baboon
must be one of those very rare
encounters in the Animal Kingdom.
Animals fight over territory, food, mates,
and in defence of their lives, or of the
young. It is very hard to foresee the two
animals fighting over any of the above
because on most of items, the paths of
the two animals hardly cross.
In Africa and particularly in Hausaland
where this near impossible idea was
contrived as a proverb, such a fight can
only happen under the influence of man
when in hunting he sets the dog to
catch the baboon or its baby. In that
case, that fight would surely be one to
The dog uses its power of speed and
strong canine teeth, the baboon his
powerful shoulders, limbs, claws, hands,
and under extreme conditions, his teeth.
And this condition is extreme – a fight
for his life or that of his baby. So we
better assume that the baboon will
deploy his entire arsenal.
The camera of kare jini biri jini Hausa
proverb often pictures a very fierce and
inconclusive fight between two
contenders. We can picture the dog first
barking incessantly, with its jaws wide
open hoping to scare the baboon into
submission. The well-built baboon, on
the other hand, is not a coward. He
would not jump up the trees to escape
the attacking dog; he would not fly. He
turns wild too, flexing his muscles,
beating his wide chest and destroying
the surrounding shrubs to intimidate the
dog. He jumps at a branch, breaks it and
hurls it at the dog, but the carnivore
remains recalcitrantunder the command
of his master, barking, barking … and
now ready to charge.
And the fight ensues and continues for
several minutes and, perhaps, hours…
As the proverb depicts, the fierce fight
ends inconclusively with both parties
sustaining deeps cuts and innumerable
browses. Each contender was lucky to
survive it and returns to its shelter
licking its wounds. The dog gives up
hunting for that day, returns home and
is granted a sick leave by its master. The
baboon keeps his life and his baby and
remains in his territory or migrates to a
safer one. The only conclusion reached
was that the dog learned to avoid the
baboon henceforth, while the baboon
learned to include the dog among its
dangerous enemies in the Kingdom.
In the above, I have tried to capture the
proper context and scenario of the
proverb. It simply connotes a situation
where the fight for something is fierce,
where you give your challenger a good
run for his money, but where despite the
ferocity of the contest, its outcome was
not conclusive. In short, when you tell
your contender that za a yi kare jini biri
jinni, it simply means the battle will be
fierce. In the case of Buhari, he was
promising his supporters from Niger
State that 2015 elections will be fierce;
or put in another way, the PDP wIll not
have it easy. Simple.
How this simple statement translated
into a political missile that says Buhari is
promising a bloodbath come 2015
remains one of those sad stories in our
practice of journalism.
Let us have a re-read of the
"If what happened in 2011 (alleged
rigging) should again happen in 2015,
by the grace of God, the dog and the
baboon would all be soaked in blood.”
Does this reflect the proper context and
meaning of the Hausa proverb kare jini
biri jinni that we explained above? No.
That is because, among other things, if
by the time both the dog and the
baboon are soaked in blood, both would
have been dead, a picture which the
proverb never envisaged. It would have
been better for the reporter to say,
“Come 2015, I promise you, the fight will
be fierce.”
Here, I must say that the words of Buhari
were misinterpreted, perhaps
deliberately, to entertain the Nigerian
public with a sensational story that will
keep the presently near-static mill of
public opinion running once more, or to
invent a weapon to knock him down
again in the ring of 2015 presidential
But, to be fair to the reporter also, it was
a mistranslation that I think was
informed by the history of the General’s
consistent call for mass action since
2003, of CPC’s unguarded campaign
utterances in 2011 and how they were
widely believed to have inspired the post
election violence that year, and of the
strategy of the General’s supporters of
the ANPP especially in Bauchi state in
2007, a la his doctrine of protect your
votes, a kasa, a tsare, a raka.
These were the elements in the
background that also informed the
supporting and opposing comments
which trailed the publication of that
mistranslated proverb. Nigerians became
divided overnight into three camps.
The first group – Buhari’s opponents –
jumped at it saying, “Aha. There we go
again. This notorious and bloodthirsty
coup plotter is still dreaming of a
bloodbath.” If Buhari, by his statement,
was serving such opponents with a
notice of an impending doom, they did
not heed to it. They did not show any
sign of repentance from the sin he is
accusing them of. Instead, they continue
to direct their accusing fingers at him.
On the other hand, his supporters, the
second group, to me, showed the most
disheartening response. They did not
take the pain to verify and analyse his
statement. Not a single one of them
came over to say that he was
misrepresented. Have they done so, it
would have cooled the atmosphere and
reassured us. They adopted the
mistranslation, in situ, as if it were right,
and presented an alibi, saying, “Only
election riggers are be afraid of Buhari’s
statement. Would there be a bloodbath
in 2015 as a result of rigging, it is the
PDP that should be held responsible.”
The third group, we the onlookers, are
terrified that we will be disastrously
caught in the crossfire, once more, as it
happened to hundreds of Nigerians
during the 2011 elections, when,
especially in Southern Kaduna and
Bauchi state, the lives of the innocent
were lost and thousands of people
displaced to date across Northern
Here was a corper medic, for example,
riding an ambulance in Toro, stopped
and hacked to death by the very people
he came all the way from the East to
serve after his long and tedious training
as a doctor, at a place where he had
nobody to protect him except the mores
of civilization. His sin was simply that he
did not belong to the ethnic group or
religion of Buhari, the opposition
presidential candidate. The mob on that
fateful day was found wanting in those
mores, defective in conscience. That is
how many like him paid the ultimate
price across the state.
And there was a primary school girl in
southern Kaduna, witnessing her
primary school teacher hacking her
father to death in Zonkwa, Southern
Kaduna, for no crime but that the father
belonged to the religion other than that
of the incumbent President, Goodluck
Jonathan. She never thought that the
savage gene of the teacher would
overcome the etiquette of civility that her
familiarity with him would engender. On
that fateful day, humanity was lost, the
feeling of civilization was gone, and no
guarantees were kept. Months after that
massacre, the girl would tell her story to
the ears of a deaf and dumb nation that
allows the assassin teacher to walk the
streets freely, earning his salary. That is
how hundreds of the like of her father
died and thousands of her type continue
to suffer as the politicians behind the
crimes remain unscathed.
To date, nobody is man enough to
directly or remotely claim even a
vicarious responsibility for those
atrocities. The PDP that is accused of
rigging the election refused to admit
that it rigged it in the first place. Instead,
it shifted the blame to Buhari, citing
what it called his “inciting statements” at
his campaign rallies. Buhari and his
supporters, on the other hand, returned
the blame to PDP, with three reasons: he
was a victim not a partaker in the
violence; the dastardly acts were carried
out not by his supporters but by
hoodlums who did not spare him either;
and that it was in fact the ruling party
that instigated the violence in the first
place by rigging the elections. So did the
trading in blame continued until our
father, Justice Ahmed Lemu,
inconclusively closed the chapter.
His panel came up with an ingeniously
ambivalent verdict, saying both Buhari
and the PDP are right. It said it is true
that Buhari inspired the violence but it is
also true that PDP's rigging machine
provoked it. In effect, the report claimed,
there is an egalitarian share of the
blame. Case closed. Court!!!
With that we return to our churches and
mosques to pray that may God have
mercy on those departed souls! And may
he protect us, the living, the onlookers,
the ordinary citizens, from the evils of
power – of its keepers and seekers alike.
I was caught by the same fever when I
read the mistranslation in English. I
wondered how Buhari could make such
a statement after his widely condemned
“lynch them” directive of 2011. But
when I heard his actual words in Hausa
two days ago, I quickly understood that
he said nothing unusual, for it is proper
for politicians to inject hope in their
supporters. Telling a delegation of such
supporters that his party will put up a
fierce fight next time is just one of those
confidence preserving measures.
With this, I hope our journalists will in
future show a better sense of
responsibility in their reportage. They
should use their brains not their minds.
We are tired of hearing Buhari
mistranslated by a section of the media.
More importantly, however, our
politicians on both sides of the divide,
should refrain from any contemplation
of violence or cheating, or asking their
followers to take the law into their own
hands, whatever the situation would be.
If they think that winning an election is a
religious duty, then they must not forget
that none of our two dominant religions
call to violence as a means of winning
power or as a reaction to defeat. In
Islamic tradition, the injustice of forty
years is preferred to the fitna (unrest) of
a day.
The government and INEC must do their
best to ensure free and fair elections in
2015. The electoral body has two years
ahead to fully prepare for it and get rid
of imperfections. Let there be a clean
fight that ends in a clean winner and a
clean loser. If the government is not
ready for this, my dear friend, Professor
Attahiru Jega, should throw in the towel.
The defeated in this case - whether
baboon or dog - must accept defeat and
allow us live in peace.
If our advice is not accepted, we shall
then pray that may our compassionate
God deliver us from the evil of that day,
when the dog and the baboon fiercely
slug it out in the court of Nigerian
election. We pray that He restricts their
evil to them. And on that day, neither the
dog nor the baboon should not return
home clean. We are tired.
Oh Lord, answer our prayer.
Let all peace-loving Nigerians say Amen.
20 May, 2011
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Comment as:
Barr. Mannir Dahiru May 20,
2012 3:32 PM
Amen Dr.
suleiman musa May 20, 2012
4:09 PM
A teacher is always a teacher(a
good one)i wish you long live and
good health and may Allah
increase your wisdom and
knowledg.Ameen.Ameen again
for your prayers.
Dr Murtala. May 20, 2012 4:22
A very loud Ameen to that
sir.Violence, has never and, can
never be a solution.Both the
"Dog" and the "Baboon" will be
better up without the fight!
Yusuf Musa Chindo May 20, 2012
4:53 PM
Amien Dr. Zakin Sardauna
Ahmadu Ballo na yau.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 4:53
Ameeen thumma ameen.
Inuwa kontagora May 20, 2012
4:55 PM
Such eloquent & precise write ups
is/are required in our dailies, in
order 2 clense the inciting public
perception as well as the wrong
doings of the media houses.
Ameen, Dr.
Babagana May 20, 2012 5:08 PM
Nura M. Daura May 20, 2012
5:14 PM
Ameen Dr. Tilde.
I was listening to "political
flatform" a Ray Power FM, Abuja,
program on the same issue, one
of presenters 'Mustapha
Muhammad' tried to explain the
exact meaning of Buhari's
proverb. Unfortunately, the other
presenters told him that why was
he defending Buhari. And that
was the end of his true
interpretation of the meaning.
For me, Dr. Tilde, Nigeria is already
divided along ethnic/religious line
as you can see in the case of
these journalists who are
suppose to be objective in their
analysis of issues. I see
Mustapha's effort to explain the
issue as trying to do journalism
objectively but UNFORTUNATLY his
colleagues, ofcourse of southern
origin & different religion denied
the audience the chance to see
the true picture of it.
Having said all these, i think
people like Mr. President, Edwin
Clark, Reuben Abati to mention a
few have all at one time or the
other made some inflammatory
comments that are worse than
what we're discussing now, yet
they all went without such
attacks. For example: Imagine our
President, after MEND had taken
responsibilty for 1st Oct. 2010
bombing, telling us that it was
NOT MEND & that he knows who's
responsible. What is happening
now in South Africa with the
mastermind "Orkar" is enough to
be national issue and more
important than Buhari's
Finally, Dr. Tilde, actually I lost
confidence in this administration
as well as most of our Media
Houses. I called them: "Agents of
bashirunnazirun May 20, 2012
5:20 PM
I say, Amen. Better still, is to pray
that neither the dog nor the
baboon will be a feature on that
election day!
Dauda Lawan May 20, 2012 5:36
may Allah reward u,,,,,n protect us
from evil doers
DANAMADU May 20, 2012 5:44
My dear doctor,i think reporters
who do not speak a particular
language very well should get a
translator totranslate what
anybody says properly before
taking it to the public via their
medium.That will save us this
embarassment of who has said
what and stop putting words into
peoples mouth.
Thank you
Ahmad M Ibrahim
MS Abubakar May 20, 2012 5:55
Ameen, more strength to your
fingers as your hit the
keyboard!!! Well done very
balanced narration
Saadatu Hamma May 20, 2012
6:38 PM
Aamin Dr.Nigerias situation is
really sad.
Abubakar Sadiiq May 20, 2012
7:19 PM
Thank you Dr. Tilde. It is
unfortunate that many people
either due to political bias or total
ignorance, went on giving wrong
interpretion to Buhari's
proverbial expression as to the
context he used it. He made the
statement in hausa native
language. It is an abuse of
journalism the way some
journalists went to give wrong
meaning of that hausa proverb, '
kare jini biri jini '. They should
have contacted those who are
sound in hausa language to give
them the right interpretation. The
thing is that nowadays many
claiming to understand hausa are
just mere hausa speakers.
To a typical hausa man 'kare jini
biri jini', means nothing but un-
easy encounter or challenge. For
example even in a football match
when both teams played a hard
game that ended in draw, a
hausa fan or player of either of
the teams could say, 'mun yi kare
jini biri jini da su'. Simply, that it
Anonymous May 20, 2012 7:36
Ameen summa ameen
musa yola May 20, 2012 7:38 PM
Ameen Dr.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 7:55
Anonymous May 20, 2012 7:56
Aptly written!
Anonymous May 20, 2012 7:58
a beautiful writeup that ended
just like the Lemu report; blamin
both Buhari and d pdp.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:00
A well written and insightful
post.I completely agree with its
contents. Keep up the good
works our amiable Doctor.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:03
Mischief makers should read this
traanslation to catch the proverb -
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:04
Uhmn thatz Dr. For u! U always
mae the equation balanced.
Finally I say Ameen
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:05
"Kare jini Biri jini parable" - a
must read. Nigerian journalists
should learn to be fair in their
reporting. They should stop
reporting out of context. They
often misconstrue by contriving
mischievious statements.
Remember the falsehood
reported that Buhari called
muslims vote muslims. Can you
imagine how someone could
report about an issue said in
Hausa and in Sokoto, when the
reporter does not understand
Hausa, and was in Lagos instead
of Sokoto where the event took
What about the misinformed
translation of "Kare jini Biri jini",
probably by those who do not
understand Hausa as "Bloody
2015". Both moves against Buhari
were out of context. Journalists
be objective enough to verify fact,
meaning and be deep in context
before going to the press.
Ashiru Tanko Makarfi May 20,
2012 8:06 PM
Ameen, Magajin Ahmadu, without
people like you Doctor, Nigeria
could have been a FAILED STATE.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:07
Thank you sir.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:08
Ameen Dr.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:09
A well written and blanced piece.
No one has explained this drama
better. Ameen to all the prayers.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:10
Absolutely spot on. I've said it
several times that by translating
the individual words that
constituted the proverb, Buhari's
statement was unnecessarily
blown out of proportion.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:12
There is no thing wrong with
Buhari's statement let them
conduct free and fair election i
beleive nothing will happen, if u
are not a theif why should u be
afraid if they say who ever steal
should be kill? And if pdp are
ready 4 justice why did'nt
impliment and brings out white
paper on eldr Lemu's report on
isue of past election and it
consiquenceis 4 me d baboon
should not steal again from d dog
and peace shall reign 4 ever 4
unity stability and peace of dis
country let avoid riging if not the
dog and d baboon will really soak
in blood the peaceful sleeping
dog is awake
Yakubu Abdullahi Riyo May 20,
2012 8:13 PM
Dr. Ameen.
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:42
Thats great
Anonymous May 20, 2012 8:46
I must say that this is the best of
your articles that i ve read to date
from when we first crossed each
other's path at APC. I consider it
an award winning type. A
harmless statement was made
and the pen hackers transformed
it into something else. Not one of
them tried to justify his or her
invented meaning in the context
of a better understanding of the
usage of the verbs and nouns
that were key to General Buhari's
literary construction from an
intelligible methodology based on
or tied to philological research,
comparative method,
dialectological application and
semantic change. But it would
appear to me that even before
GMB's phrase was distorted by
reporters, those who heard him
verbatim and not reported,
surprisingly gave it the same
meaning. The nation less PDP
was simply waiting for the its war
against FGN and INEC to be
escalated to a higher level. So the
refusal by listeners or readers to
come to terms with the ordinary
meanings of words harmlessly
deployed to advance an ongoing
or predict a future political
warfare was deliberate. Yet, if the
escalation goes beyond a level
that democracy itself would
permit or understand, it would be
because governance has
undermined itself through
indifference, arrogance and
nonperformance. At this point
governance is actually much more
I always like to listen to Buhari's
statements in Hausa. No
politician after the demise of
Aminu Kano and Sabo Bakin Zuwa
has found a more effective
political use for hausa language
than GMB.


HADEJIA A YAU! Hamza Abdullahi, retired Air vice-marshal,
64, March 2. Born in Hadejia, Kano State, he
was educated at the Nigeria Air Force
Tactical Training Wing, Kaduna...
Hamza Abdullahi, retired Air vice-marshal,
64, March 2. Born in Hadejia, Kano State, he
was educated at the Nigeria Air Force
Tactical Training Wing, Kaduna, 1964;
attended Aircraft Technical Officer’s Course,
West Germany, 1964-1966, and Royal
Military Training Centre, Chichester, Sussex,
UK, 1974. He was appointed military
governor of Kano State, 1984-1985; minister
of Works and Housing, 1985-1986 and
minister of the Federal Capital Territory,
1989. Abdullahi was promoted air vice-
marshal, October 1988 and retired from the
Nigerian Air Force in December, 1988.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Tarishi dai yanuna cewa babu wane dalili da
ke jawo yawan 'kaurace-'kaurace kamar
ya'ke-ya'ke, Mutanin Gumel (Mangawa) sunyi
fama da ya'ke-ya'ken tsaron gida, tundaga
inda suka fara kaura daga Ngazargamu,
yazuwa inda aka kafa garin Gumel na yanzu.
Ya'ke-ya'ke ke sawa idan jama'ar wata
gundumar suka ga alamar cewa za'a
mamayesu, sai su kauracewa guri. Jama'ar
Gumel sun tabka ire-iren waddannan
fa'dace-fa'dacen, da dama kafin su kafa
garin Gumel, da kuma bayan sun kafa zango
a Gumel. Gumel tana daya daga cikin
garuruwan da basu nuna amincewarsu da
mulkin Hausa-Borno, ko na Sokoto ba, ko da
shike Barno ta mallaki Gumel da farko,
mulkin Borno bai taka kara ya karya ba,
domin masarautar Gumel ta balle daga
'kar'kashin Borno ta yi tsayuwarta ta kanta a
Tarihin yake-yaken Gumel ya faro ne tun
daga karni na goma sha takwas, zamanin
sarki Kalgo (1804-1811) wanda ya dinga
kare garin Gumel, daga hannun mayakan
Kano da kuma Machina har sai lokacinda
wani bawan sarkin Machina ya sami fili ya
soke shi da makami ya masa raunin da ya
karasa shi har lahira.
Saboda kwadayin samun fa'Da'Da 'Kasa, da
'Yancin kai, wanda jama'ar Gumel suka fara
nunawa tun fil azal, yasa sun kutsa kai
wanjen ya'Ke wanda ake kira da "karo daya
tsakanin kyai da dutse", suka fara yakar
garuruwa wanda har ya sa ratar mil
tamanin ne kawai ya raba su da shiga cikin
garin Kano.
A wani fage da Gumel ta taimakawa Kano za
a iya samun karin haske irin kwazon
jaruman Gumel a ya'ke-ya'ken da suka goyi
bayan kungiyar Yusuf a tsakaninsu da
askarawan Tukur na yakin (1893-1895).
Wata yar gajeruwar jawabi da Gwadabe ya
zayyana, ta ambaci irin kwarewa, jarunta, da
kuma tsarin askarawan Mangawa, tun
lokacin da suka soma fa'Dace-fa'Dacen su a
mazaunin su na farko a Dogoma. A cikin
wannan jawabin Gwadabe ya kwatanta irin
shirin Mangawa da na askarawan Shehun
Borno, inda shi shugaban askarawan ke
bada umurni, kuma yake tafiyadda fasalin
hare-haren askarawan sa baki 'Daya. Da
farko Shiga cikin mayakan Mangawa an
takaita shi tsakanin yan sarauta kawai, ko
da shike irin wannan daukar na saukaka
samun maya'ka, yana kuma toshe armashin
samun kwararrun askarawa. Bisa wata yar
tarzoma a shekara ta 1852 Mai Muhammadu
Cheri ya fa'da'da daukar askarawa, ya bu'Da
kofar dauka ga duk mai niyyar shiga, ya
kuma sau'ka'ka wa wasu kwararrun
maya'ka ko da basu da jinin sarauta zasu iya
shiga kwamban askarawan.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Umaru Musa Yar'Adua
Shi dai marigayi Malam Umaru Babangida
Musa 'Yar'Adua, an haifeshi ne a ranar 16
ga watan Augustan 1951 a birnin Katsina
dake arewacin Najeriya. Mahaifinsa shine
tsohon ministan birnin Lagos na farko a
jamhuriya ta farko, kuma kafin ya rasu
shine Matawallen Katsina, sarautar da
kuma shi ma marigayi Umaru Musa
'Yar'Adua ya gada.
Marigayin ya fara makarantar Firamare ta
Rafukka a 1958 kafin a mayar da shi
makarantar Firamare ta kwana dake
Dutsen Ma a 1962. Ya kuma halarci
kwalejin gwamnati dake Keffi daga 1965
zuwa 1969. Sai kwalejin Barewa 1971,
inda ya samu takardar shedar karatu ta
Tsohon shugaba 'Yar'Adua ya halarci
Jami'ar Ahmadu Bello dake Zariya daga
1972 zuwa 1978 inda ya samu takardar
shedar digiri akan kimiyyar haɗa sinadirai
ko Chemistry da Malanta, kafin ya koma
domin samun babban digiri duk dai akan
kimiyyar ta Chemistry. Marigayin yayi bautar
ƙasa a jihar Lagos inda ya koyar a wata
makaranta da ake kira Holy Trinity daga
Bayan da ya kammala aikin yiwa ƙasa
hidima ya fara aikin Malanta gadan-gadan
a kwalejin share fagen shiga jami'a da ake
kira CAST dake Zariya a tsakanin 1976
zuwa 1979. A shekarar 1983 marigayi
Malam Umaru Musa 'Yar'adua ya bar aikin
Malanta ya fara aiki da Gonar Sambo Farms
a Funtua dake jihar Katsina inda ya zama
GM daga 1983-1989.
Daga shekarar 1984 bayan da Sojojin
sukayi juyin mulki malam Umaru Musa
'Yar'adua an kira shi domin zama wakili a
hukumar gudanarwar kanfanoni da
hukumomin gwamnati da dama da suka
haɗa da hukumar samar da kayan Noma
da kwalejin kimiyya da fasaha ta jihar
katsina, Bankin Habib da Hamada Carpets
da Madara Limited da kuma kanfanin buga
Jaridu da Mujalla ta The Nation wanda ke
kaduna kuma wansa Marigayi Janar Shehu
Musa 'Yar'Adua ya mallaka.
A lokacin da marigayi Malam Umaru Musa
'Yar'Adua ya shiga siyasa ya yi hannun riga
da mahaifinsa wanda a wancan lokaci yake
mataimakin shugaban Jam'iyar NPN, inda
shi kuma ya zama wakili a jam'iyar PRP ta
Malam Aminu Kano mai adawa da NPN. A
lokacin da Janar Babangida ya kaɗa gangar
siyasa ya zama sakataren jam'iyar SDP a
jihar ta Katsina kuma ɗan takararta na
gwamna, amma kuma ɗan takarar
jami'iyar NRC na wancan lokaci Malam
Saidu Barda ya kada shi. To sai dai a 1999
Malam Umaru Musa 'Yar'Adua ya tsaya
takakarar muƙamin gwamnan jihar ta
Katsina kuma ya samu nasara a ƙarƙashin
jam'iyar PDP, haka kuma ya sake nasara a
zaɓen 2003.
A shekarar 2007 Umaru Musa 'Yar'Adua ya
zama ɗan takakar muƙamin shugaban
ƙasa na Jam'iyar PDP bayan ya samu
taimakon tsohon shugaban ƙasa Cif
Olusegun Obasanjo ya zama shugaban
ƙasa a ranar 29 ga watan Mayun 2007.
To sai dai rashin lafiya da tsohon shugaban
yayi fama da ita ta sanya bai samu sukunin
gudanar da harkokin mulki kamar yadda
yayi fata ba musanman ƙudirorinsa guda
bakwai daya tsara na ciyar da ƙasar gaba
kafin nan da ƙarni ta 2020.
Marigayi Malam Umaru Musa 'Yar'Adua ya
rasu a ranar 5 ga watan Mayun shekara ta
2010 da muke ciki a fadar gwamnati dake
Abuja watanni biyu bayan komowarsa gida
daga Saudiya inda yake jinya.
Ya kuma rasu ya bar mahaifiyarsa da
'yan'uwa da matar aure guda Hajiya Turai
tare da 'ya'ya bakwai da ya haifa da ita da
suka haɗa da mata biyar da maza biyu.
Haka kuma yana da wasu 'ya'ya biyu maza
da matarsa ta biyu Hajiya Hauwa Umar

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Image Hosted by ImageTitan.comJama'a da dama sun kauracewa birnin Maiduguri sakamakon rikicin Wakilin BBC Jimeh Saleh ya kai ziyara zuwa mahaifarsa ta Maiduguri a Arewacin Najeriya a karon farko cikin shekara guda - inda ya tarar da garin a cikin wani mawuyacin hali sakamakon munanan hare-haren da kungiyar Boko haram ke kaiwa.

A daidai lokacin da rana ke shirin faduwa; duhu kuma na kara yi, wani ladani na rangada kiran salla. Karar muryarsa na tashi daga saman daya daga cikin tsaffin masallatai na birnin.

Jama'ar musulmai sun gudanar da sallah Magrib - inda suke hada wa da Isha'i saboda akwai dokar hana zirga-zirga daga karfe bakwai zuwa shida na safe. Halin da ake ciki a yanzu na rashin tabbas da tsaro - ya sha banban da birnin Maiduguri da na taso a ciki. A 'yan watannin da suka wuce, kungiyar Boko Haram ta kaddamar da hare-hare a sassan Najeriya da dama - ciki harda na bama-bamai a Maiduguri.

Na isa Maiduguri bayan na dawo daga London a karon farko cikin shekara daya, birnin na nan cikin kamar yadda na barshi - sai dai talauci ya karu - haka kuma jama'ar garin masu hazaka da hadada. Babu masu motocin haya, masu bara, da shaguna wadanda ke kaiwa dare suna harkokinsu.

A yanzu jama'a ba sa iya cin abinci sau ukku a rana. Masu hada-hadar gidaje na cewa a yanzu harkar babu riba, wasunsu ma asara suke tafkawa. "Rufe shago karfe 7 na yamma daidai yake ace mutum ya yi aikin rabin rana," a cewar wani masanin tattalin arziki a jami'ar Maiduguri, wanda kamar yawancin mutane, ya nemi a saya sunansa.

"Muna cikin matukar tsoro," kamar yadda wani mazaunin birnin ya shaida min, "kuma kai kadai ne dan jaridar da zan iya magana da shi, saboda kaima na sanka, amma don Allah kar ka bayyana sunana."

Mutane da yawa sun kauracewa Maiduguri watanni da dama da suka gabata saboda kashe-kashen da ake yi, inda suka bar gidajensu a kargame. Wasu daga cikin attajiran birnin sun yi kaura da harkokin kasuwancinsu zuwa wasu biranen. An kafa dokar tabaci a Maiduguri bayan da aka kai harin ranar kirsimetin 2011 a Abuja da Jos wanda ya yi sanadiyyar mutuwar mutane 40.

Tun daga wancan lokaci, sojoji dauke da muggan makamai suka kafa shingayen bincike a sassa daban-daban na birnin, tare da tsaurara matakan tsaro a majami'u da ofisoshin 'yan sanda da sauran wuraren da Boko Haram ke kaiwa hari. An tura sojojin ne domin su kare mazauna birnin - sai dai baki ya zo daya wurin yin Alla-wadai da dokar hana zirga-zirgar da aka sanya da kuma yadda suka mamaye titunan birnin.

Sun zargi sojojin da cin zarafin jama'a da sauran laifuka masu alaka da cin zarafin bil'adama. Da zarar an kai hari, sai sojoji su shiga unguwanni suna farautar mutane a cikin gidaje tare da nakadawa maza duka. Sojojin dai sun musanta wannan na faruwa - amma abu ne mai wuyar musantawa saboda yadda jama'a ke nanata shi a kodayaushe.

Babban layi ne wurin da aka fi yin hada-hadar kasuwanci a birnin ta hanyar sayar da kayayyakin sawa, da na latironi da sauran kayan al'amura na yau da kullum. Kwarori da 'yan Chadi da sauran jama'a na fadi tashin futuka a wannan wuri domin amfana daga arzikin da ke akwai - sai dai a yanzu komai ya tsaya a wurin. Daga cikin 'yan wadanda da suka yi sa'a su ne masu sayar da kekuna da kuma kani-kawa: Kasuwar kekuna ta bude tun bayan da aka hana hawa babur a bara sakamakon hare-haren da ake kaiwa a kan baburan.

Sai dai duk da haka wasu da dama na fatan abubuwa za su daidaita a birnin Maiduguri, mafi yawa kuma sun koma ga Allah domin yin addu'a ko an samu zaman lafiya da kwanciyar hankali - wanda a baya shi ne taken mahaifata ta Maiduguri.


Dandalin Muazu Hadejia MENENE RA'AYINKA/KI??? A tunanina da dogon naxarina inaga raba nigeria biyu shine xaibawa nan arewa samun qaddamar dama komenene... Idan shari'ar musuluncin cema... ABIN LURA: Meyasa duk inda ake tashin hankali a arewane? Kuma musamman ma wadanda suka nunawa GUDLUCK QIYAYYA a fili a shekarar xabe ta 2011... Meyasa akai birin da tattaunar da akace wai anayi da 'yan boko haram? Meyasa GEJ yaqi daukar shawarar gwamnan KADUNA? Shin gwamnatin JAR HULA ta kano tana ganin cin kashin da akewa talakawanta wadanda sukasha rana awajen xabenta? Shin yanxu anacigaba da gudanar da komai lfy a BUK? Idan a'a to yaushene komai xaidawo nrml a BUK? Gwara araba kowa yasan gidan ubansa gaskia... Karkucemin idan anraba xamusha wuya.. Yanxunma ita mukesha kuma da sunan gwamnatin KAFIRCI.. Ga NIGER nan... Nan gaba kadan xata bawa duniya mamaki wajen cigaban xamani... Ina manyan Arewan da ake cewa akwaisu? Ko suma tsoron 'yan boko haram dinne yasa sukai shiru??? Mudai gwara araba! Suje suci MAI muxo muci wuyarmu daga karshe mayi hankali! By Inuwa A liman.