Ismaila A sabo Hadejia

Ismaila A sabo Hadejia
(1)Wannan dai shine Hotona, wadda Idonku yake kallona. (2) Bayan na tafi gun Sarkina, zaku tuna ni watan wata rana. (3) In wani yayi kiran sunana, sai ku cane Allah yaji kaina. (4) Koda zakuyi jimamina, sai ku yimin addu'ah bayana. Marigayi Aliyu Akilu.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


In 1808, Sarkin Fulani Umaru, his son and successor Muhammadu Kankiya died. Muhammadu Sambo was appointed as the new Sarkin Fulani of Hadejia. The Fulani leader's In Rinde decide to send a delegation to Sokoto to inform the Shehu of the developments in Hadejia region. Shehu Usman Danfodiyo accept the appointment of Muhammad Sambo as the New Leader of The fulani in Hadejia, condole the people over the death of Umaru and Muhammadu Kankiya, and formally installed Sambo as their new Sarkin Fulani Hadejia. After his formal installation, Muhammadu Sambo decided in 1810 to shift his base from Rinde to Hadejia but before he carried out his plan Habe Ruler of Hadejia Abubakar got the security report of Sambo's intention. Hadejia A yau.

Conscious of the Fulani's military success in the area, Abubakar decided to withdraw from the town without resistence.
Therefore, on the date Sambo decided to occupy Hadejia, on reaching the town, he found the town deserted and so occupied it without any resistance. From that time onwards, Hadejia became the base of the Fulani and eventually the capital of the emirate. An important development that followed the shifting of the Fulani base was the Installation of Sambo as the first Fulani Jihadist Emir of Hadejia in 1810. Thus, Sambo established the first Jihadist dynasty in Hadejia from which sprang all subsquent emirs of Hadejia to date.

He also unified all the territories formerly under the Habe administration, under a single central administration to the Emirate of Hadejia. Hadejia A yau!

At the time Sambo moved the Jihadists base from Rinde to Hadejia and formally established the emirate, the structure of the emirate's administration was by far modest andd until mid-century, the capital appeared to have been lesss developed.

At the time of the establishment of the emirate, Muhammadu Sambo relied on a much less formally structured organization and therefore surrounded himself with a relatively small entourage of co-favourite most of whom lacked either titles or fiefs. Therefore, Sambo had to face the difficult task of establishing the apparatus of Centralized administration in his domain. As a firs step towards the establishment of an emirate government, he appointed Yusuf his younger brother as Sarkin Auyo, and his eldest son Muhammadu Garko as Chiroman Hadejia and Makama Lele as the Galadima.
Each of the new title holders was given a specific function to perform in the administration. For example Chiroma, was the crown prince while Galadima was the prime Minister. Sambo's other appointments were those of Madaki (war commander), Ma'aji (Treasurer), Sarkin yari (chief prison supretendant), and Sarkin Wanzamai (chief Barbear). All these state officials were chieftaincy status and performed a specific assignment in the administration. Hadejia A yau!

By Musa Usman Mustapha.