Ismaila A sabo Hadejia

Ismaila A sabo Hadejia
(1)Wannan dai shine Hotona, wadda Idonku yake kallona. (2) Bayan na tafi gun Sarkina, zaku tuna ni watan wata rana. (3) In wani yayi kiran sunana, sai ku cane Allah yaji kaina. (4) Koda zakuyi jimamina, sai ku yimin addu'ah bayana. Marigayi Aliyu Akilu.

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Authority : Mr. A. Campbell-Irons.

The Emirate of Hadejia contains an area of 2,768 square miles, and is divided into six Districts. It is situated to the north-east of Katagum, in the Northern Division. It is a disputed point whether in the tenth century.

Hadeija or Gobir formed one of the seven Haussa States. In the Kano Chronicle there is a mention that the son of the Sarkin Machina came to Kano in the reign of Yakubu (1452-63) and was made Chief over Hadeija, with the title of Sarkin Gabbas.

It became a Fulani Emirate at the time of the Jihad, Sambo receiving a flag from Othman Dan Fodio. His elder son Buhari made himself King in defiance of the Sarkin Musulmi's edict in favour of his younger brother ; and, obtaining the support of the Shehun Bornu, defeated all opponents. His reign was one long succession of wars and he was finally killed in battle at Gorgaram about 1863.

Hadeija sent in submission to the British in 1903. In 1904 the British occupied the country, but the fifth Chief opposed their advent and was overthrown and killed in 1906, and Haruna appointed in his place. He died in 1909, and was succeeded by the Chiroma Abdulkadir.

In that same year the Beiyut-el-Mal (Baitilmalu) was started.

The population number some 115,448, and consists of Kanuri, Fulani, Auyokawa, Maguzawa from Kano, Koyamawa, Beddawa, Ngizimawa, Mangawa.

There is a town of historic interest in Hadeija named Garungabas, but which in old times bore the name of Biram, which was originally of great influence. It was founded by Arabs from Bagdaza or Baghdad. One Muktari, or Bayajibda, with his younger brother Biram, Migrated west until they reached Birnin Bornu (Kukawa), where the Shehu gave Muktari a town and his daughter in marriage. Muktari was presently compelled to flee, but left his wife on the road, where she gave birth to Biram, who founded Garin Gabbas, Muktari continuing his journey as far as Daura, where he slew the celebrated serpent and married the Queen.

Another version of the legend is that it was Buram, the younger brother, who founded Garingabas.

A descendant of this Arab family still reigns as Chief. Hadejia A yau.