Ismaila A sabo Hadejia

Ismaila A sabo Hadejia
(1)Wannan dai shine Hotona, wadda Idonku yake kallona. (2) Bayan na tafi gun Sarkina, zaku tuna ni watan wata rana. (3) In wani yayi kiran sunana, sai ku cane Allah yaji kaina. (4) Koda zakuyi jimamina, sai ku yimin addu'ah bayana. Marigayi Aliyu Akilu.

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Garun-gabas generally recognised as the ancient Biram, i believe and Bagdaza to be Baghdad. The legend in another form is connected with that of the Origin of the Hausa Bakwai. Mukhtar or Bayajidda was compelled to flee Bornu with his wife, on his Journey west he left her on the road and she gave birth to Biram who founded Garun-gabas. Bayajidda continued his journey to Daura where the well known encounter with the Snake took place and Bayajidda's marriage with the Queen Daurama.

The Town was founded by Arabs from Baghdad, one Mukhtar and his younger brother Biram migrated West and came to Birnin Bornu (Kukawa). The Shehu of Kukawa gave Mukhtar his daughter in marriage and the town of Kulunfardu where he lived until his death. Biram and his younger brother then migrated further West and founded Garun-gabas.

The following is a list of Chiefs of Garun-gabas.

2.BOMI... One of the Biram's follower who came with him from Kulunfardu but no relation.

3. TUNKU... Also one of the Biram's followers. The length of time for which these three held the Sarauta unknown.

4. ABDULLAHI. Called Ajab... He ruled for three days and then miraculously disappeared.

5. ASAWA... Thirty years the grandfather of the present Sarkin Gabas, he was deposed by Sambo Diginsa the first Fulani Emir of Hadejia, on account of his son was murdered.

6. MUSA... Nephew of Asawa Eleven years, appointed by Sambo.

7. GAUYAMA... Not of the ruling family fourty years, half way through his reign he became blind.

8. BARWAI... Younger brother of Sambo, Nine years.

9. USMAN... Son of Barwai, Six years he then Emigrated to Shira.

10. GABDO... One year and Emigrated to Katagum. Hadejia A yau.

11. BURMI... A fulani, one year fled to Katagum in terror of Buhari.

12. SARKIYO... One of the Buhari's "Hakimi" Ten years, Buhari then died and was succeeded by Umaru who remove Sarkiyo to Hadejia and made him Barwa.

13. MUHAMMAD BAKO... Son of Asawa and thus descendent to the Original Arab founders, Appointed by Haru Bubba. He held the Sarauta for Two years and then went to Mecca.

14.MUHAMMAD DARINGI... A fulani, seven month deposed by the Emir. By Ismaila A Sabo.

15. TUKUR... Son of Gauyama, after five years of his rule Muhammad Bako returned from Mecca, but leave as a private individual. Muhammad Tukur ruled for another five years and was then deposed by Haru for shaving his wife's head.

16. KANKARAU... A fulani appointed by Haru, but deposed after seven month. Muhammad Tukur Was then reinstalled and rule for seven years when he became blind and was deposed. KANKARAU reinstated but after seven years was again deposed by the Emir Muhammadu for having married seven wives.

The Emir then called in all the man of Garun-gabas to choose their own Chief. They unanimously choose Abubakar son of Muhammad Bako a direct descendant of the original Arab founders. Abubakar at first however persistently refused to accept the honour and on being pressed for a reason, told the Emir that as an Arab who had been to Mecca he could not countenance the perversion of the prophet's laws which was rife in Hadejia. The Emir is then stated to have admitted the Truth of this and on condition that he would take the Sarauta to have promised that he should administer according to the true Law at any rate in Garun-gabas.

Abubakar then became Chief and has been Sarkin Gabas for twenty three years to the present day. The famine in common with other Hadejia District, the famine last year was the cause of considerable mortality chiefly among the children. Hadejia A yau.

Reference--- Assessment reports by K. L. Hall, Assistant District officer Hadejia District Kano Province.14th/July/1915.